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Technology On Demand provides a variety of products, only a few of which are available to the public at large. Here are two products we offer to the medical community.

HyperCharts: Electronic Medical Records

HyperCharts® is an online medical records service for hospitals across the world. We take your patient charts and medical records and keep them on protected servers where you can access them from all over the world.

HyperCharts® is one of the first such browser-based system in the world. It's available anywhere internet access is available.

More information about this product can be found on the website.

HyperCharts documentation is for users only, but demonstration accounts can be set up. You can set up a demo account and then view the documentation with that account.

HyperPath: Electronic Medical Records for Pathologists

HyperPath is a system similar to HyperCharts that enables pathologists to trade lab reports electronically with other doctors.

HyperPath is designed to make the pathologist job easier. Time saving features such as canned diagnosis, comments, descriptions save pathologists the expense of taking the time and money to hire trained transcriptionists. Doctors can instead enter codes which set the diagnosis, comments, or description.

More information about this product can be found on the website.

Documentation on HyperPath is available here.

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